Providing European standard Cooler with competitive price

From July 2015, Cost Solutions Co., Ltd has officially become Exclusive Agent of DEG - Dal Engineering Group - a Turkish Corporation with more than 30 years of operation experience in providing Turnkey solutions for cement, ore and power plants as well as automation industry.


Currently , Cost Solutions is providing FONS COOLER from DEG and also installation support - with the outstanding features:

 - Total time of installation and back to operation: maximum of 02 weeks

 - European standard quality, but the price can compete with coolers from China, because the product is new in the market

 - No trough fall of clinker, reduced building height

 - Low energy consumption (fuel and electrical)

 - Operating: 1,94-2,33 kg_air/kg_clinker (1,5-1,8 Nm3/kg)

 - Design: 2,56 kg_air/kg_clinker (1,98 Nm3/kg)(+10%)

 - Guarantee: Clnker (65deg+amb)

                 Standard cooler loss: 95kCal/kg => 79% efficiency

                 4,5 kWh/t (fans); 0,3 kWh/t (hydr.)

 - 0,002 Euro/t (10% of others)

 - Grate line: no more wear part, 3 yeas guarantee