Thermal power from clinker kiln emission

Use emission heat to run the power plant, partly self-provide for the plant's demand, help protecting the environment

1. Use emission heat to generate power:
Calculate, evaluate the posibility of using emission heat to run thermal power plant 
Determine the amount of heat and power that can be produced, as well as the payback period of the emission heal thermal power plant project.

Trial emission on turbine's steam pipe system

2. Evaluate system potential:
Inspect, evaluate system potential and the point at which emission heat can be used for thermal power plant
Design technological solution, replace current line's equipments with more appropriate ones to install the emission heat thermal power plant

3. Installation counselling
Suggest equipment suppliers for emission heat thermal power plant
Design the plant
Installation counselling, supervising, commissioning counselling, operating figures determining

Steam turbine and 7.5 MWh power generator, Holcim Viet Nam cement plant (rolling kiln 4400t/day)