Cost Solutions Co., Ltd. was established on March 12 2013 with the maxim “minimize cost, maximize profit”. We commit to provide our clients with the most lasting and practical financial benefits by optimizing operation; utilizing and evaluating possibility and potential profit from strategic projects of energy in the cement industry. The services we are currently offering have strictly met the demand of the domestic cement industry.

In the circumstance of increasing concern is paid to energy issues globally, the cement industry also has to face huge challenge and difficulty. The methods and strategies to minimize or transform energy sources that are currently used in the production line, as well as improve the product quality are big questions that all the cement plants are struggling with.

The issues of energy auditing, clinker kiln waste management – AFR, using emission heat to run thermal power plant – WHR – self-supplying for manufacturing are attracting great attention of cement plants. With experts that have more than 15 years of cement producing experience, have been well trained in Vietnam and abroad, have worked with many Asian cement plants, we will completely solve all of those issues, apply solutions to practical production line that are compatible with your current technology level.

Prestige is our honor. The success of your business brought by our services defines our success and our name.