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Current trending of product

For responding the demands of today metal and cement industry, Dal provides for metal industries rotary kilns up to 6000 tpd with regard to quality, maximum capacity and minimum costs.

Ball Mill Audit

Ball mill audit is survey, measurement and inspection of performance of the ball mill at the present time of the cement plants, to overcome the problems , improve the productivity and reduce the energy waste in the production process

Heat Balance (HBL) in Cement Industry

Heat balance in cement industry is review kiln capacity at the present at the plant comparing with general standard in cement industry or other plants before and after making improvement in order to remove unusual points, unsuitable points, take suitable points but have not been technology limit of expectation of cement field to optimize current system. Finally, purpose is reducing production cost for cement plants.

The Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is execution of cost-effective maintenance tasks at predetermined intervals to check the current physical condition, to reduce probability and/or impact of a failure in operation, or to maintain a desired level of performance of an equipment.


The FDC’s groundbreaking bearing system allows a perfect sealing between lanes, ensuring stabilised heat recuperation which is not being reduced due to uncontrolled air flow passing between the lanes. All air has to go through the grate plates but before arriving, passes through the Stepped Air Flow Function (STAFF). This is a selfadjusting air flow regulator which only adds air flow resistance if needed, and only as much as required


This is the first project of Fons Technology International in static grate and clinker cooler upgrating to increasing performance from 4260 tpd up to 5000 tpd in Hon Chong plant - Kien Giang

INTERCEM Asia 2016

INTERCEM is pleased to announce that its 2016 Asian conference will this year take place in the Vietnamese city of Hanoi for the first time. Supported and attended by Vietnamese cement producers, this promises to be an exciting and ground-breaking conference for our industry in the region. With a production capacity in excess of 80 million tonnes and an exportable surplus of around 30 MTA, recent years have seen Vietnam prioritise exports and the industry is a regular supplier across South East Asia and even further afield. The country continues to set ambitious export targets in today’s ultra-competitive global markets and Vietnam is the fifth largest cement exporter in the world. Domestically, 2015 is reported to have seen a 10% year-on-year increase in market demand, according to figures released by VICEM. This occurs as a result of increased spending on housing and government projects driving demand following austerity measures in recent years. Geographically at the heart of South-East Asia, Vietnam is also the perfect location to look at a number of key markets that impact not just regional but also global cement markets. To the north, the slowdown in China and the possible influences this might have in creating an exportable surplus, continues to be a point of discussion and debate across the industry. To the South, East and West, key South-East Asian markets including Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Malaysia have seen the industry landscape changing as new capacity has come online. INTERCEM Asia in Hanoi will bring together leading experts from across the region to update delegates on all of the latest developments, providing insight and analysis on the key markets and topics that affect your business. From issues surrounding transportation, port upgrades, handling to changing environmental regulations that continue to affect cement supply and production, INTERCEM will provide you with comprehensive coverage of the cement industry on the world’s largest and most populous continent.

Providing European standard Cooler with competitive price

From July 2015, Cost Solutions Co., Ltd has officially become Exclusive Agent of DEG - Dal Engineering Group - a Turkish Corporation with more than 30 years of operation experience in providing Turnkey solutions for cement, ore and power plants as well as automation industry.