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Recently, Fons Technology international Company - the headquarters is in Istanbul, Turkey and there are offices in Denmark, India and Czech Republic and representative offices in Brazil and Jordan and representative agency in Vietnam is Cost Solutions Co., Ltd signed the contract about the project of static grate and cliker cooler upgrating at Hon Chong plant – Kien Giang province with Cement City Siam Company Ltd. ( Holcim Vietnam). This is the first project of Fons in Vietnam, and also will be the first step for long term corporation of Insee as well as the other cement companies, plants in Vietnam in the future.

Fons is the first company in the world, which applied for patent in the technology of horizontal clinker cooler and produces clinker coolers with high productivity to the world cement market.

Fons sets new world wide standards for clinker coolers. Their improved technology has solved a number of problems often experienced clinker coolers, which are crucial to the efficiency and economy of the project.

With Fons Delta cooler patented air regulator system called STAFF, which is installed underneath of every grate plate, the air consumption is optimized and we can save up to 3.5kwh/ton clinker electrical consumption. With the optimized air distribution/consumption of STAFF and also our special static grate plate design, we have no SNOWMAN on our static grate plates. 

  • Both for new coolers and retrofit
  • Modular design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low electrical energy consumption
  • Snowman eliminator
  • Shuttle floor
  • Four joints mechanism
  • STAFF - Optimal heat exchange by Stepped Air Flow Function


FONS Delta Cooler, SHUTTLE FLOOR or WALKING FLOOR with productive horizontal transportation system is more advanced than the current clinker coolers in the market

Insee have entrusted Fons as the main contractor and supplier for his project to retrofit existing Hon Chong Plant clinker cooler to upgrade its capacity from 4,620tpd to 5,000tpd and maintain the stable performance during 18 months of kiln campaign.


The scope of work under this project includes static inlet modification, bull nose modification, and upgrade of cooling fans (whereas necessary) to achieve project objectives as follows:

-        Kiln BDP( Best Demonstrated Performance) : 5000 tpd

-        Clinker temperature plus ambient <180oC

-        Improve WHR (Waste heat recovery) capacity by increasing energy to WHR (> 0.8Nm3/kg Clinker)

-        Recuperation thermal efficiency ≥73% (normalized to 0.8Nm3/kg clinker)

-        No reduction in efficiency during full campaign 18 months

-        Hydraulic system reliable

-        Bull nose gas velocity in acceptable range ~7.5m/s

-        No dust emission at cooler discharge

Equipment supply:

-         1 complete set of Clinker cooler Iso Kinetic Static Inlet W11xF9 with static grate structure, STAFFs - Stepped Air Flow Function (an airflow regulator – FTI patented technology), supports of static grate structure, inspection windows, maintenance door called as double door enabling to enter under grate chamber, and any connection (such as bolt, anchors) items required for installation of the static grates (approximately 6,500kg)

-         1 lot of foundation bolts for Iso Kinetic Static Inlet (approximately 250kg)

-         Country of origin of these equipments: Turkey

Engineering & supervision service:

Fons shall carry out site survey, study Insee’s scope of work and other requirements, discuss with Insee’s plant team to clarify all information to elaborate detailed engineering of the whole “Clinker cooler 5000TPD retrofit project” and submit to Insee. This shall include the modifications to static inlet, bull nose, cooler fans…to achieve project objectives. The engineering documents shall include general arrangement drawings, flow sheets, schematics, lists, castable drawings at Iso Kinetic Inlet horse shoe, electrical & instrumentation, civil & structural drawings…

Fons shall also arrange one mechanical supervision engineer and one commissioning supervision engineer to supervise the installation of the supplied equipment & all upgrade components according to Fons’s detailed engineering and commissioning of the cooler after modification.

Link of Fons Delta Cooler for your reference: