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Binani Cement and Lucky Commodities join globalCOAL®

Online coal trading platform globalCOAL® has announced that Pakistan’s Lucky Commodities (Pvt) Ltd and India’s Binani Cement Ltd have joined its trading community. This brings the number of globalCOAL’s Market Members from the Indian sub-continent to 23, approximately 14% of its membership.

With manufacturing facilities in India, China and Dubai, Binani Cement has a total production capacity of 11.25 million tpa. In India alone, the Binani Cement plant in Binanigram has seen its production capacity rise to 6.25 million tpa, up from 1.65 million tpa when it was first established. The cement manufacturer’s markets include India, UAE, UK, Sudan, South Africa, Tanzania and Namibia.

Lucky Commodities trades and sources coal from the international market to be utilised by its Pakistan-based clients. According to globalCOAL, the Karachi-based company plans to expand its network to also supply clients globally. The firm is part of the Yunus Brothers Group, which also comprises Lucky Cement. The Pakistani cement producer discussed its investment plans in Sub-Saharan Africa in the September issue of World Cement.

Written by Louise Fordham. Main source: globalCOAL® press release.

Published on 02/09/2014

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