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Green Constructions save energy, protect environment

According to statistic, a green construction can save 30% electrical energy, 30 -50% life water, 50-90% rubber wastes in environment and 35% carbon dioxide emission.

This is the reason why "green constructions" are becoming the most concerned construction by Government, owners as well as customers. The essential factors which creates green constructions, is green material, friendly with environment, bringing value surrounding for people.

When green construction become new trend

"Green construction" is concept known firstly in 2007 in Vietnam. This is the construction which in whole time circle, from choosing place, design, processing, using, operating to preparing, upgrading, reusing, gain efficiency in energy and materials using. In developing countries worldwide, it is concerned to build green construction, in order to minimize effect of construction on health and environment.

Whereas in Vietnam, we have to face with big challenges of poor surrounding in weather changing day by day. Refractory manufacture in particular, if meet demand of 42 M bricks in 2020 by refined clay brick , it will take about 57 – 60 Mm3 of clay, equal 2800 – 3000 ha industrial area. To fit these figures, we need to nearly 6 Mt coal and eliminate nearly 17 Mt CO2, create serious greenhouse effect, according to figures of Building Material department (Ministry of construction)

Facing with this serious situation, it is essential to build green constructions in current. Advantages of environment, economic and society brought by green construction, is more and more popular, basing on energy saving index and minimizing effects of surrounding.

Green Material – Main factor of each green construction

In factors creating green construction, green material is core factor in creating  and enhancing the valuation of constructions. Choosing material properly means that the owner can save considerable cost, minimize installment, preparation, maintenance.

From 2010 in Vietnam, there are the first company investing on non refined concrete brick, with mission is overcome issues of traditional refined clay brick . Khang Minh’s manufacture process of non refined concrete brick which is completely friendly with environment, non exhaust gas,  non industrial exhaust water but maintain mechanical characteristics by using industrial admixtures such as aggregate, coal ashs.

Published by on December 5th, 2018